Courthouse security strengthened after Prosecutor Kimble’s disorderly conduct incident

Courthouse security strengthened after Prosecutor Kimble’s disorderly conduct incident. (WWMT Carter Gent)

More allegations of unprofessional conduct by Branch County Prosecutor Ralph Kimble have surfaced just a day after the Newschannel3 I-Team broke the story of sexual harassment allegations.

Documents obtained by the I-Team show security measures have changed at the Branch County Courthouse because some courthouse employees fear for their safety.

A police report obtained through the Freedom of Information Act details an incident on September 28 where Kimble got into a verbal altercation with courthouse employees and had to be escorted out of a courthouse by security after the altercation.

The I-Team has learned a complaint about the incident was filed with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, which is the second complaint filed against Kimble from a courthouse employee.

The first complaint was filed by an employee after she said she was sexually harassed by Kimble.

The I-Team has also obtained cellphone video of Kimble giving a tongue-lashing to courthouse security as he was escorted out of the office.

Kimble said in the video, “She’s trying to get (inaudible) fired.”

Kimble then said to courthouse security officers “You guys are working for the wrong person, I’ll tell you that.”

The cell phone video is the aftermath of the incident described in the police report.

The same night of the incident, multiple courthouse workers asked deputy sheriffs to escort them to their cars because they feared retaliation from Kimble.

The day after the incident, a new deadbolt lock and security buzzer were installed in the Friend of the Court office to prevent any future incidents.

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