Couple says Meijer offered them a gift card after photo breach


PLAINWELL, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Meijer is attempting to make amends with a Plainwell couple who says photo lab employees violating their privacy by distributing their personal photos.

Newschannel 3 has learned the company called the couple on Tuesday night to apologize and offered them a gift card for their trouble, but the couple says it’s too little too late and can’t fix what happened.

The couple says one of life’s most special moments was stolen from them after photo lab employees, former classmates, decided to circulate her baby announcement pictures.

“This is the screenshot that was sent to me of the photo that was taken before I had even showed anyone,” said Jordan Areaux when we first spoke to her.

The big news was broken to the families of Areaux and Masyn Iehl through gossipy texts, instead of with the special picture surprise they had planned.

“You don’t get to experience the exciting moment and everybody’s joy at that time because they already know, it’s already happened and you didn’t get to see it,” said Iehl.

The couple says the brought their concerns straight to Meijer, and two weeks and a lot of media coverage later;

“The corporate office did call yesterday and basically said sorry, we’ll send you a gift card or make you a blown up picture of the one that they sent out or sent around,” said Iehl, “and really, why would we want that? That’s just a memory of something bad that happened to be honest with you.”

Meanwhile, Meijer issued the following statement about the privacy breach.

"We have tens of thousands of team members in our stores that provide great customer service every day. It's disappointing when an isolated few don't live up to our company values."

When Newschannel 3 first reported the story, the Allegan County Sheriff told us criminal charges against the photo lab employees were possible. A decision on that is expected within the next few days.

You can find Newschannel 3's previous report on this story here.

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