Country Lakes General Store employee chases down masked robber using a snow plow

An employee at the County Lakes General Store in Lawton took down a masked robber with a snow plow Monday, Dec. 11, 2017. (WWMT/Rachel Glaser)

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office confirms an employee at a Lawton store took down a masked robber with a snow plow Monday morning.

The initial call regarding an armed robbery came in from Country Lakes General Store on M-40 in Lawton about 8:40 a.m.

Van Buren County Sgt. Casey Davis said it was later discovered the man had a machete stuffed down his pants.

It’s unclear what the suspect’s intention was, Sgt. Davis said. Witnessed reported that the man walked into the store with a mask on, but made no threats or demands. The man asked the employee behind the counter for lottery tickets and acted as if he planned to make a purchase but instead grabbed the lotto tickets and ran out of the store.

According to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office, the Country Lakes General Store employee went after the suspect in his truck, which had a snow plow attached to the front. The employee hit the suspect with the plow, causing the suspect to fall into a ditch. The suspect got up and ran, but the employee then tackled him and held him down until police arrived.

The suspect was transported to Bronson Hospital, but Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately know the extent of his injuries. “It seemed like he was in a lot of pain," Davis said. Later, deputies said the suspect was transported via ambulance for possible broken bones and internal injuries by LIFE EMS.

Davis said the suspect faces retail fraud charges because he never threatened the employee or presented the machete that was hidden in his pants. He also said it’s unlikely the employee will face any charges for running the suspect over.

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