Costco employees honored in Oshtemo after saving coworker's life

Costco employees honored in Oshtemo after saving coworker's life. (WWMT Zack Lawler)

The brave actions of two Costco employees saved the life of their coworker who suddenly went into cardiac arrest in October and they were honored during an Oshtemo Township meeting on Tuesday.

This is a scenario where two people had the right skills at the right time and every second mattered.

Michael Yarrington and Tom Fallon were able to stay calm until an ambulance arrived as a woman lay before them in cardiac arrest and not breathing.

Jennica Johnson is lucky to be alive

Johnson said, "Tom and Michael, you will forever be my heroes and Costco angels, so thank you guys."

She stands before Michael Yarrington and Tom Fallon, her coworkers who helped her survive a cardiac arrest.

Johnson said, “Who knows if they hadn't been there where I would be now or if I’d be anywhere."

Oshtemo first responders awarded Yarrington and Fallon for their efforts during a ceremony Tuesday evening.

Oshtemo Township Fire Chief Mark Barnes said, "Surviving a sudden cardiac arrest is statistically challenging."

But Yarrington and Fallon beat the odds on the morning of October 10, when they found Johnson lying on the floor.

Fallon said, "The first thought was perhaps seizure activity. There was no movement. Something just didn't seem right."

Yarrington said, “I started counting the respirations and then they basically stopped. Where we had pulse before, then we didn't."

He said he wasn’t sure if Johnston was going to die.

He said, "Once EMS got there I went back and kind of continued working."

Yarrington and Fallon didn't find out until hours later that Johnson was okay.

Johnson said, "I do feel different as a human, like this is my new life."

They all hope others learn from this example and take the time to become CPR trained.

Fallon said, "Not difficult, I've taught it to youth for many years. Even initiating a 911 call, being a aware that something isn't right, don’t hesitate."

Johnson says she has suffered from chest pains, throat pains and memory loss, but is ready to get back to her normal routine.

She expects to be back at work next week.

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