Controversial billboard vandalized in Calhoun County

Controversial billboard vandalized in Calhoun County. (WWMT / Jason Heeres)

A Calhoun County billboard that called the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization was vandalized.

The Mad Dog Political Action Committee says it learned the billboard had been destroyed just one day after Newschannel 3 aired a story about it.

Mad Dog PAC founder Claude Taylor says a number of them are already up around the country.

Taylor says he intended to provoke a conversation with the billboard, but the destruction is sad to see.

He said, "Obviously they value their Second Amendment more than they do other people's First Amendment. So, that's pretty pathetic. Also, they're criminals. They engaged in destruction of private property."

Taylor says a police report is being filed.

He said they plan to put the message back up, but this time on a digital billboard.

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