Consumers Energy program installed new water heater at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

Consumers Energy program installed new water heater at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. (WWMT Mike Krafcik)

Crews installed new hot water heaters at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission thanks to Consumers Energy.

The upgrades are part of a company-funded program to help non-profits save money on energy costs and Newschannel 3's Mike Krafcik reported on the program.

The program received a Governor's Energy Excellence Award for its work in October.

The goal of the program is to help non-profits, whom are often on tight budgets, to spend more money on their programs and less on their energy bills.

Kalamazoo Gospel Mission Director of Development Tammy Clubb said, “So our old water heaters sometimes were breaking down.”

Out with the old.

Clubb said, “So we'd be without water, three, four hours a day. We were always having to work on them.”

In with the new.

Crews installed two new energy efficient hot water heaters at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission on Tuesday.

Consumers Energy spokesperson Roger Morgenstern said, “This is bigger than you'd see in your typical basement.”

A timely upgrade for the non-profit that serves 350 people each night in its shelter.

Clubb said, “So you figure 350 people per night, all taking showers. Times it out for the whole month. It's 18,000 nights of stay.”

Morgenstern said, “The whole idea is that they'll be able to use less hot water. So they'll be using less natural gas, which will save them money.”

It's part of the utility's nonprofit energy efficiency program. Consumers said it's helped 1,300 non-profits across the state save 1.5 million in energy costs since the program launched in 2013.

Morgenstern said, “We can help them save energy and save money so they can help their clients and our customers do their jobs better.”

Consumers is also installing new LED lighting at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission.

Consumers estimates the mission will save $7,500 a year on its energy bill. Money the non-profit can put back into its programs.

Clubb said, “It really is a lot of money. We are basically by funded by individuals in Kalamazoo. To be able to have that savings. This is huge for us.”

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