Consumers Energy offers free energy products and training

During a home energy analysis, Consumers Energy will provide some LED energy efficient light bulbs free of charge. Photo from WWMT file video.

With winter coming to an end in West Michigan many are hoping to see their energy bills drop while temperatures go up. Energy efficient products can help cut that bill without the help of mother nature, and Consumers Energy can get you started for free.

Through the Home Energy Analysis program Consumers customers can get free energy saving tips and products at no cost to them. CAn energy technician, like Donovan Drew, will come to your door and walk you through savings.

"Generally we're starting with the heating and cooling system looking at the furnace, air conditioner unit, water heater, their ducting, insulation levels." Drew said. "Then, giving recommendations on where they should be compared to where they are."

From their your technician will provide free products to improve your home energy efficiency immediately.

You're always gonna pretty much get some light bulbs, some LED's. The best one's," Drew said. "Shower heads. Aerators for the faucets. Possibly thermostats. Pipe wraps for the insulation on the water heater."

Spokesperson Brian Wheeler says the program makes an impact statewide.

"Some people are naturally interested and aware of what people can do to lower there costs and manage their energy," Wheeler said. "Other people, we want to introduce the idea to them."

Consumers customers who have gas service or gas and electric service are eligible for the program. It is not available to electric-only customers. You can sign up online by going to this web page. It may take a few weeks before Consumers Energy can make it to your home.

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