Consumer group releases a list of dangerous toys

Consumer group releases a list of dangerous toys. (WWMT/Courtsey CNN)

Kids are home from school and some of them are spending more time outside, but that can also increase their risk of injury.

The consumer group World Against Toys Causing Harm, (WATCH) has its list of toys parents should avoid this summer.

Topping the list is water balloon slingshots, which the group says have the potential to cause face or eye injury.

Lawn darts were number two on the list.

The third most dangerous item listed was low-riding wheeled toys, such as plastic tricycles.

WATCH said a little care can prevent a major catastrophe.

Dr. Jane O'Brien said, "We urge parents to be vigilant and proactive in creating a safe home environment and to review carefully every toy, every game and every activity they choose to bring into their homes with an educated eye."

The list also included backyard pools, All-Terrain Vehicles and bounce houses.

Head to the WATCH website for a complete list of toys.

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