Congressman Fred Upton announces 90 day stay for West Michigan man facing deportation

Upton and Parlak.PNG

WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Wednesday saw a temporary reprieve granted to a West Michigan man facing deportation. It's a story we first brought you in December.

Ibrahim Parlak was just days from being sent back to his native Turkey when Congressman Fred Upton was able to get him a 90 day stay from the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Congressman Upton, along with former Senator Carl Levin have been working for years to prevent Parlak from being deported.

On Wednesday Upton announced that 90 day stay, which they got by appealing directly to Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson. They are also asking for the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration to reopen Parlak's case.

Parlak has been under scrutiny from U.S. Immigration for his ties to an organization in Turkey that the U.S. classifies as a terrorist group. Parlak has been in the U.S. for decades and Upton says he doesn't deserve to be deported.

"We should do everything we can to continue to allow him to stay," said Upton. "This is an unblemished man as it relates to life here for the last couple of decades, and to sweep him up and whisk him back to face death and torture, that's not us, it's not who we are."

"Knowing that efforts are made on my behalf, on my family's behalf and the community behalf out of Washington, that we have a voice out there, it's a great feeling," said Parlak.

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