Coloma Township police cruiser hit at multiple vehicle crash on I-94

Coloma Township police cruiser hit at multiple vehicle crash on I-94.

A Coloma Township officer is recovering after his patrol car was hit while responding to a multi-vehicle crash on I-94 east the Van Buren County line.

Coloma Township Police say the officer has been released from a hospital with minor injuries and is at home recovering.

Newschannel 3’s Franque Thompson spoke to several drivers today who said it is getting scarier to be on the roads this time of year.

People who just got off the road say it is a risk to get on the interstate.

Derek Sterenberg said, “They're very icy.”

Estella Osorio said, “They were pretty bad, slippery, slick. Really, everyone was going really slow.”

Not all drivers are using enough caution on the slick roads causing law enforcement and towing companies to be extremely busy clearing crashes on I-94.

Osorio said, “There was a four-car collision accident and I was right there in the middle, but then I got out. I didn't get hit or anything.”

The Coloma Township Police Department says an officer was sitting in his patrol car while responding to the wreck when a semi-tractor trailer lost control and hit his car.

Angela Martinez said, “It doesn't surprise me. Every single day there's an accident it seems. But I think people just don't realize that they have to slow down or leave earlier or prepare.”

Drivers say it's already hard enough to see through the snow. They hope others make better decisions for everyone's safety on the road.

Osorio said, “Make sure you have enough space if you want to change lanes because that's how that accident happened. Too close.”

Derek Sterenberg said, “Lot of cars are off the road, a lot of cars spinning out. It's pretty crazy out there.”

Coloma Township Police said the officer is expected to make a full recovery.

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