Coldwater Police sued for excessive force

Coldwater Police sued for excessive force.

A former Coldwater woman is suing the city of Coldwater, accusing local police of excessive force and a cover-up.

Surveillance video from the Branch County Jail shows the woman being body slammed to the ground, lying in a pool of her own blood.

Tiffany McNeil's lawyer admits his client was drunk at the time of her arrest but said that's no reason for the police officer's actions.

In the federal lawsuit, filed Dec. 11, 2017, in U.S. District Court of Michigan, McNeil said she was asking police to check on her children when Officer Lewis Eastmead grabbed her by the hair, spun her around and slammed her into the ground while she was still handcuffed.

McNeil's attorney, Solomon Radner, said Eastmead and several other officers tried to cover-up what happened at the jail by lying in police reports.

“The cover-up started almost immediately. Unfortunately for them, we have audio and video recordings of what took place and they're not going to be able to hide from that,” Radner said. “The bottom line is that officer Eastmead grabbed her, spun her around, threw her face first into the concrete with such force that it knocked her unconscious and then got on top of her and started delivering knee strikes to her lifeless body."

McNeil is seeking at least $75,000 in damages. She has moved to the Detroit area saying she's scared to go back to Coldwater.

Newschannel 3 reached out to the Coldwater city manager but did not hear back by the time this article was published.

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