Christmas package stolen off a the front porch of a Three Rivers home

Christmas package stolen off a the front porch of a Three Rivers home. (Matt Loughrin WWMT)

A Grinch stole Christmas package right off the front porch of a home in Three Rivers shortly after the package was delivered.

Michigan State Police investigators told Newschannel 3's Franque Thompson it's that time of year where everyone should be more cautious of where shipments are left.

MSP Detective Sergeant Todd Petersen said it's possible the person who stole the package from the Three Rivers homeowner is a neighbor.

There's a lot of packages to deliver for a mail carrier for the holidays. He checks it in every time he drops off a box, but for those shipments that are left on the porch there's a chance it could be swiped by a thief.

Petersen said, “Some of them are just completely random, some of them might be from people that are maybe rather close to you and you don't realize it.”

He said that's what happened in a Three Rivers neighborhood

He said, “I think the circumstances would lend you to believe that maybe it was someone who was watching or knew the comings and goings of that victim there.”

Peterson says though this theft is suspicious, it is not uncommon for packages to go missing before the intended buyer gets ahold of it.

Peterson says people should call police if it happens.

He said, “Sometimes people are seeing that activity or seeing suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood, suspicious people in the area there and those things might lead to us tracking them down.”

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