Cat rescued from inside a newly built roof after being trapped for nearly a week

Cat rescued from inside a newly built roof after being trapped for nearly a week. (WWMT Carter Gent)

A family cat became trapped in the neighbor's newly constructed roof and was stuck for nearly a week before being rescued.

Rescuers couldn't tear apart a brand new roof, so they had to come up with another solution to rescue the cat that had been stuck in a roof for nearly a week.

Kimmi Ames, cat's owner, said, “I don't want nobody to have to tear up their property. I don't. But I can’t get him out any other way.”

Steve Lawrence, Kalamazoo County Animal Services, said, “This was a head scratcher. How do you deal with this?

A 2-year-old black cat named Baby Daddy ended up getting sealed into a neighbor’s roof while it was being constructed.

Ames said, “He's crying just non-stop. He won’t stop. There's no way to get him out.”

Enter Operation Save Baby Daddy that began with help from the Kalamazoo County Animal Services.

Lawrence said, “That access, I think will get us what we need. So we'll find out in a few.”

Attempt number one to lure Baby Daddy with cat food failed and attempt number two involved the food and a live trap. Within 10 minutes he was chowing down in the live trap.

Baby Daddy's nearly week long roof confinement came to an end.

Savannah Ames, cat's owner, said, “I'm just glad to have him back. Oh you have a little owwie on your nose, baby. It's okay. You're okay.”

Savannah said, “They're like part of your family. And when you lose your family it’s really hard. I'm just glad we have him back.”

Had it come down to cutting up the new roof to get the cat out the cost of that repair would have been taken care of by the Kalamazoo County Humane Society.

The roof and the cat are just fine.

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