Calhoun County man charged with child abuse in court

Calhoun County man charged with child abuse in court. (WWMT / Jared Penland)

A Calhoun County man accused of causing significant injuries to his 2-month-old daughter appeared in court on Wednesday.

Brady West, 23, was charged with second degree child abuse.

Karen Kelley, the Calhoun County Assistant Prosecutor, said the infant suffered a broken leg, multiple broken ribs, and other injuries.

Calhoun County investigators are calling it a case of child abuse. The child's family believes the injuries were from an accident.

West, the 23-year-old father, is sitting in the Calhoun County Jail after being charged with second degree child abuse.

Calhoun County District Court Magistrate Earl Brutsche said, “I have a complaint and warrant that on March 29 of this year in the city of Springfield, Calhoun County, Michigan, you did cause serious physical harm to a child by striking the child.”

The baby's family said they believe this was an accident.

The family said West told investigators that he fell asleep and may have rolled over on the infant at his home in the Avenue A Mobile Home Park in Springfield.

Authorities say the evidence shows otherwise.

Kelley said, “This is a 2-month-old child who suffered injuries, 3-month-old, including broken leg, multiple broken ribs, facial bruising and eyelid petechiae.”

Detectives with the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office were first alerted on March 29.

The infant's mother and West brought the baby to Bronson Hospital in Battle Creek after the mother returned home and discovered the injuries.

The little girl was moved to Bronson in Kalamazoo ...

Children’s Protective Services was called in and they called police.

Calhoun County Sheriff Sgt. Chris Bacik said, “Once we receive the report from the doctor’s office, we had enough information at that time to proceed with the criminal charges.”

West was arrested at the hospital on an outstanding warrant for a criminal sexual conduct case.

Detectives say West is accused of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl in August of 2017.

He has been charged in that case, as well.

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