Calhoun County deputies link suspect to multiple burglaries

Calhoun County deputies link suspect to multiple burglaries.

Calhoun County Sheriff deputies catch a thief alleged to be behind multiple burglaries around the Battle Creek area.

Deputies arrested two men over the weekend after a burglary at a bowling alley and soon found out that one of them was behind at least three other break ins in the area.

An alarm went off just minutes after a custodian locked the doors at M-66 bowling alley in Pennfield Township.

M-66 Bowl Manager said, “I got woke up by the sheriff’s pounding on my door.”

The manager did not want to go on camera, but said it all happened around 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

She said, “They disabled this motion light here, they ripped the wiring out of it. They broke in here first and we had that door locked from the inside so he couldn't get out so then he run around this way.”

She said the suspect went around the building, broke out a window and another entrance, before he finally got in.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton said, “We believe had been breaking into businesses using a sledgehammer and smashing the windows and then going into the building and smashing any coin operated machines and taking the coins out.”

Saxton said that is exactly what happened here.

Using a sledgehammer, one of the suspects busted multiple machines.

The M-66 Bowl manager said, “There was a machine identical to this that he completely destroyed with a hammer and took the money out. He destroyed a machine that looks exactly like this.”

Saxton said, “The suspects were able to take off. They were located not too far away from M-66 Bowling Alley. When they were stopped was evidence of the crime that had occurred at M-66 Bowling Alley.”

Jeffrey Wyman, 31, and Terrell Jenkins, 49, were formally charged with breaking and entering.

Saxton said he believes the younger suspect likely acted alone in the other burglaries, because during the process of the suspects interviews, Saxton said that Wyman admitted to several other breaking and entering incidents.

Investigators said he broke into three other businesses last week:

  • Lafayette Auto Parts in Springfield.
  • Moonraker Restaurant and Lounge in Emmett Township.
  • Cornwell's Turkeyville in Convis Township.

Saxton said they'll be checking to see if he is connected to other similar crimes.

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