Businesses look to create new regulars with Super Bowl Sunday events

    Super Bowl Sunday buffet held at Niskers Char-Grill & Slap Shot Hockey Bar. (WWMT/Callie Rainey)

    Local bars across West Michigan were loud and packed with people cheering for their favorite team to win Super Bowl LIII. Owners said hosting special parties for events like the Super Bowl is a great way to get new feet in the door.

    "Super Bowl is always a very exciting day. Everybody is waiting all year to see who is going to win. Today's the only day I do a buffet. Traditional Super Bowl food," said Lou Niskers, Niskers Char-Grill & Slap Shot Hockey Bar owner.

    Tara Danias said Fuze Kitchen & Bar also planned something special, Super Bowl Sunday Funday Brunch. She said it pulled an even bigger crowd than their normal Sunday brunch.

    "We embrace brunch. It's one of our favorite things. We were just encouraging people to come out and get drinks before they get the party started," said Danias.

    "There's a lot of parties people go to and stuff but definitely Super Bowl will increase the sales. Business is very competitive. It's important to take advantage of different events and holidays."

    It's a chance for businesses to turn first-time visitors into regulars, like Nisker's regular Josn Flesch.

    "Seeing a few different faces than you usually see. People are looking for a great place to relax. You have your regular crowd that usually comes in," he said.

    Plus, to cheer on your favorite teams with people who promise to have your back.

    "We keep an eye on everybody. If they indulge a little more we'll take care of them and make sure they get home safely," Niskers said.

    Many bars typically close early on Sundays but for Super Bowl Sunday they stayed open longer.

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