Boys suspected of break-in and knife attack at Kalamazoo Mall residential building

Boys suspected of break-in and knife attack at Kalamazoo Mall residential building. (WWMT/Courtesy Brian Ball)

Police are trying to locate a group of boys accused of breaking into a residential area on the Kalamazoo Mall and attacking someone with a knife.

Surveillance video showed the three young boys as they approached a maintenance worker at City Centre Friday, June 1, and one of the suspects was holding a knife in a bandaged hand.

"Obviously he didn't realize they were armed and all that, he didn't see that," Habib Mandwee, the property owner, said.

Mandwee owns the 6th floor residential area of City Centre, which is an area not open to the public. He believes the suspects pried open the control panel on the elevator.

He said the group stole two of his bikes.

"Luckily I recovered my bike the following day through another person. I asked him, 'Where did you get the bike from?' and he said he got it from a pawn shop," Mandwee said.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety confirms they are investigating the incident and believe one of the suspects assaulted someone with the knife. They are asking anyone with information to call (269) 337-8120.

Business owners on the Kalamazoo Mall are pretty shocked by the attack and said it's usually very quiet and secure around the area.

"The area is growing the downtown is growing it's a beautiful place to move in. I just don't want to have the indication that this is a problem it does happen every now and then," Mandwee said.

Phil Grimm owns Climb Kalamazoo and said crime is rare here, but there was an attempted break in at his facility last year.

"We responded by upping our game a bit. We started with a few cameras and now we have a few more cameras and we have an alarm system that is connected to the police," Grimm said.

He said he hopes police are able to find these suspects as soon as possible.

"When police respond to it really quickly and take things seriously it helps people feel more comfortable," Grimm said.

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