Borgess SWAT nurses staying, but negotiations ongoing

Borgess SWAT nurses staying, but negotiations ongoing.

A specialized team of nurses at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo won't be eliminated, but cuts staff cuts remain on the table.

The Nurses’ union met with Borgess administrators on Thursday who told them the SWAT nurses will be staying on board.

The Michigan Nursing Association said Borgess was thinking about laying off 70 nurses and a member at the meeting says Borgess is backing off that number, but some changes are likely still coming.

The nurses’ union says Borgess wants to give almost every nurse extra patients to care for.

Borgess nurse Kelly Martin said, “There are suggested federal guidelines. It's an ongoing argument right now between the state and federal government, but the numbers they're suggested are just ridiculous and they're absolutely unsafe for patients."

The nurses’ union is worried patients won't get the attention or care they may need if nurses take on extra rounds.

The union is still negotiating with Borgess and nothing has been finalized at this point.

A final decisions is expected to be in place on March 4.

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