Better Business Bureau warns car sellers of scam, Kalamazoo family home named as address

    Family worries their information is associated to a scam. (WWMT / Callie Rainey)

    The Better Business Bureau is warning car sellers of a scam called My VIN Verification.

    Troy Baker with the Better Business Bureau said two complaints have been filed on the website. The complaints claim that while trying to sell vehicles that a potential buyer requested the sellers use My Vin Verification Vehicle Reports for a vehicle identification number (VIN) check, but after spending the money for the website the buyer disappears.

    The phone number listed on the website is an Oregon number and the address was listed as a home owned by the Nye family in Kalamazoo County.

    "This is just crazy. I've never heard of it. First time," said Tammy Nye.

    Nye said she and her husband had no idea their address was associated to the website until the Better Business Bureau showed up at their door.

    "I got the letter stating we were a part of it and they wanted us to be on the ball on getting a letter to say we weren't so we could catch this person," Nye said.

    She said the couple did all they could and were alarmed their address was associated with the scam.

    "I don't want people thinking we're scamming them. We could be victimized also. They've got our address. We don't want no trouble. We're good people. We're not involved," she said.

    Baker said the scam is common, which was discovered after they tried to contact the business.

    "They're asked to pay $20 to verify the vehicle is good, but as soon as they pay the $20 the sale falls through because the buyer isn't really a buyer. Make sure it's legitimate. If you don't recognize it do your homework otherwise you may end up getting burned and losing your money," Baker said.

    He said when people fall victim to any scam to contact the Better Business Bureau and report it.

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