Battle Creek Public School board member resigns after MSP search his home

Battle Creek Public School board member resigns after MSP search his home. (WWMT/FIle)

A Battle Creek Public School board member resigned days after a Michigan State Police raid at his house.

Michigan State Police troopers confirm the raid is connected to a child porn investigation after an internet tip. The case is not related to the child porn ring also being investigated by MSP.

MSP said they discovered evidence that is being reviewed after they obtained a search warrant for a home in the 300 block of North 32nd Street in Springfield.

The warrant sought evidence of possession and distribution of child porn.

Records show the home belongs to Eric Jankowski and the school board president confirmed he resigned from the board this week, but didn't give specifics as to why.

Jankowski said he couldn't answer questions or make comments for legal reasons.

MSP Detective Sergeant Gerald Yott said his team is committed to keeping West Michigan children safe.

"Our team is a very skilled, driven group of individuals who are intent on trying to track down all persons who are responsible for the exploitation of children," Yott said.

He said his team is planning to submit evidence and a request for charges to the prosecuting attorney within a week.

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