Battle Creek man can't keep quiet during arraignment on charges of open murder

Battle Creek man can't keep quiet during arraignment on charges of open murder.

A Battle Creek man accused of killing a man and stuffing his body into the trunk of a car can't keep quiet in court.

Newschannel 3's brittany gray was there for the exchange.

Even before all of that began, the magistrate called in deputies because the room was filled with family members of both the suspect and the victim.

When the magistrate told Marko McGee, 48, that he was charged with open murder, McGee couldn't keep quiet.

Magistrate: “Do you understand the charge?”

Mcgee: “Yeah, but White came to my house and tried to murder me.”

Magistrate: “Ok, this is not the ...”

Mcgee: “So, how am I charged with a homicide?”

Magistrate: “Well, you're charged...”

Mcgee: “He came to my house and tried to kill me and my daughter and dog.”

McGee is now charged with open murder.

Battle Creek police say Diabulo White was killed late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

In court, the Calhoun County prosecutor said White was beaten with a hammer, possibly strangled, stripped naked, put in a trunk, and gasoline was poured on him.

Levi Watkins, White’s cousin, said, “I got a call from my cousin saying something had happened to Dee.”

White's family was in disbelief when they learned what had happened.

Frances Bolen, White’s aunt, said, “We was looking for him Sunday night down by Claude Evans Park, up in the woods to about 12 midnight, looking for his body where they found the car, where they towed the car from.”

Bolen says White was just released from the hospital Friday. They thought something had happened to him, but they never guessed he was killed.

Bolen said, “Diabulo do anything for me. We dealing with it with the grace of God. With a lot of praying, we dealing with it.”

Detectives say White's body was placed in his girlfriend's trunk, which was towed on Saturday to Tiger's Towing. His body was found Monday.

Watkins said, “He was a fun guy, a family guy. He loved his kids.”

Bolen said, “We done have so many tragedies in our family, somebody killing our kids.”

The prosecutor asked for a high bond or no bond, because they believe McGee is extremely dangerous.

Bond was denied.

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