Battle Creek ANG base opened to public for first time in 70 years


BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - For the first time in its 70-year history, the Battle Creek Air National Guard base opened its doors to the public and more than 800 people took advantage of the opportunity on Friday.

Newschannel 3's Christine VanTimmeren reported from Battle Creek on the ANG open house event

The base is celebrating the 70th anniversary and the Wing Commander thought allowing the public to come and see what they do was the perfect way to celebrate.

The inside of Battle Creek ANG 110th Attack Wing had never before been open to citizens.

110th Attack Wing Commander Col. Bryan Teff said, “We wanted to kind of give back a little bit and we thought it was the right thing to do to open the base to the public, let them come out again to see our missions, meet our people.”

Teff first talked about the missions at the base and the work they do. The public was then invited to the hangar to see the Air National Guard equipment... And meet the members.

Teff said, “It's super exciting. I mean we love doing this. Again because we live in the local community, we're citizen airmen.”

Battle Creek mom Kimberly Taft said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity she couldn't miss.

She said, “For us to get a little glimpse of that and to see what it really means and what its really about so cool.”

Folks were even treated to a surprise show by F-22 pilots.

Those who came left with a better understanding of what happens here... And the incredible work base members do.

Teff said, “This is very important that we stay connected to our local communities and the entire public and this is great.”

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