Arrest warrant issued for suspect in Mattawan police chase

Arrest warrant issued for suspect in Mattawan police chase. (File - WWMT)

An arrest warrant was issued for the man who police said was driving the stolen car nearly two weeks after a police-involved shooting forced Mattawan Schools into a lockdown.

Newschannel 3's Rachel Glaser was in court on Thursday as Judge Michael McKay pressed the Mattawan Police Chief Scott Herbert on the events of that day, specifically in terms of the officer's response.

Herbert detailed the findings of the Mattawan Police Department's investigation against Gary Kingsbury III on charges of resisting and obstructing police, but failed to mention that the officer opened fire on the vehicle.

Police said on November 3 that Kingsbury was spotted behind the wheel of the red Chevy Impala that had been reported stolen.

Emergency lights flashing, the Herbert said Mattawan Police Officer Chelsey Omilian tried to stop the car.

Herbert said, “So Omilian did have her lights on as a traffic stop.”

But, he said, Kingsbury took off.

He did not mention the police officer fired five shots during the traffic stop.

Omilian served with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety before joining the force in Mattawan and is now on administrative leave.

McKay said, “Based on the testimony I found there is probable cause that these crimes were committed.”

He signed off on an arrest warrants for Kingsbury on resisting and obstructing police.

The Kalamazoo woman who reported the car stolen said she knows both Kingsbury and the Mattawan officer who opened fire.

She was actually in the police cruiser with the Omilian to go meet Kingsbury to get the red Chevy Impala back.

Herbert said, “Contact was attempted by this officer but the suspect did not remain on scene and was positively identified as Gary Kingsbury.”

The car owner said Kingsbury drove at, then swerved around the police car and Omilian started shooting.

The woman in the back seat was hit by a bullet. Michigan state police have also finished the investigation into whether the officer should have started shooting.

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