Arcadia Brewing vows to remain viable part of Kalamazoo despite industry challenges

Arcadia Brewing Co. founder Timothy Suprise promises to remain a viable part of the community and southwest Michigan's economy, despite news that the company's property is facing foreclosure. (WWMT)

In a letter posted to the brew pub's Facebook page, Arcadia Brewing Co. founder Timothy Suprise promised to remain a viable part of the community and southwest Michigan's economy -- and said announcements regarding that promise would be coming soon.

"While we are certainly a company in transition, we have been engaged in a process that will not only ensure we continue to be integral part of the community here in Kalamazoo, but be positioned to thrive and more fully fulfill our potential within the spheres of beer, food and hospitality," Suprise wrote. "Our community engagement has, and shall continue to focus on working consistently with a number of local charitable and nonprofit organizations, all while maintaining 45-55 jobs within the manufacturing and hospitality sectors."

He ended the letter with a promise that more details about the company's future would be coming soon.

Established in Battle Creek in 1996, Arcadia expanded to a facility along the Kalamazoo River in 2014, and eventually closed the Battle Creek site.

On Tuesday, Newschannel 3 reported that the Kalamazoo brewery is facing a bank foreclosure on that riverfront property. Court documents show the amount due on the mortgage is $1,409,677. The Kalamazoo County Treasurer confirmed the property could be sold at an auction as early 10 a.m. Dec. 20, 2018.

Greg Ayers, the president of Discover Kalamazoo, said he is concerned about the developments. He said Arcadia has played a big role in bringing other businesses to the riverfront area.

"Arcadia Ales certainly has been one of the anchors for that eastern section of coming into the downtown area," Ayers said. "We recognize how important that is for visitors that are coming off of I-94 from the Detroit area. This is some of their first impressions of the downtown area."

Suprise, in the letter posted on the Arcadia Brewery Facebook page, said the beverage alcohol industry is evolving and his company must transition to meet the needs of the market.

"Strategic acquisitions, alignments and consolidations are having consequential impacts on all three tiers [beer, food and hospitality] in every market throughout the United States, and the fulfillment of both Arcadia's potential as a destination and a brand requires us to identify and engage with a strategic partner to achieve that goal, of which we are currently engaged," Suprise wrote.

He also thanked the community for the support he's received since the news about the foreclosure became public.

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