Arcadia Ales expands beer options with new fermenters

arcadia ales.JPG

A brewery is seeing a big expansion just two years after opening its Kalamazoo location.

Ultimately it not only means more beer, but also means a much bigger variety of options to meet almost everyone's tastes buds.

Arcadia Ales brewing is adding two one-hundred barrel fermenters.

That's about 3,000 gallons each.

In their first 20 years of business, they only used open tanks, which distinctly brews English style beers.

Now with these new tanks, they'll be able to easily brew other styles such as Belgians and lagers.

They're planning to have new beers on tap soon, with one already in the works.

“It's a mango American style IPA just the right amount of Caribbean flavor and aromatic with a really fresh and refreshing American style IPA,” said Arcadia Ales founder Timothy Suprise.

They're planning on revealing that beer, and possibly a couple others, next month.

That's happening at their 20th Anniversary Party taking place in the Kalamazoo location September 17th.

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