Albion library hopes to break down barriers with new displays this weekend

Albion library hopes to break down barriers with new displays this weekend

ALBION, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A West Michigan community is hoping to break down cultural barriers with an event happening this weekend.

Organizers of the event tell us it's a chance to allow the community to ask questions about different cultures and religions, and put themselves in someone else's shoes.

Part of the reason they brought the Beautifully Wrapped display and program to Albion is in response to the current climate in the U.S., with a travel ban for some Muslim-majority countries, and also after the unfortunate incident of swastikas being painted around the community of Albion just after the November election.

For the last few weeks, the library has had various displays from a Michigan anthropologist who studies the history head wrapping around the globe.

The displays show both American and international men and women who use the practice for religious and cultural reasons.

Library organizers tell us they hope to end hate and bias by educating the community.

"That's what we want to encourage people to come and learn about the cultures and the heritages, the shoulders on which we are standing when we tie our hair. But also to sort of remove that barrier so people are more likely to see the people that happened to be wearing their heart covering," said Albion Library Director Cindy Stanczak.

"What's so great about being a part of a library is no matter what's going on in the world, we're a safe place to have all kinds of programming that embraces education, and cultural interests," said Albion Library Programming Assistant Sylvia Benavidez.

The exhibit will be at the Albion library through the weekend.

Saturday at 1:30 p.m., there is a free event that will allow the community to try out the practice of head wrapping, and ask any questions they might have about the reasons behind it.

It's free and open to everyone.

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