Adult film company alleges copyright infringement by some in Kalamazoo and Kent Counties

Adult film company files lawsuit against IP addresses in Kalamazoo and Kent Co.

An adult film company alleges copyright infringement by some residents in Kalamazoo and Kent Counties in a lawsuit.

Strike 3 Holdings LLC, an adult film company, which describes itself as an, “award winning, critically acclaimed adult motion pictures” company, is accusing several computer users in areas of Kalamazoo, Kent and Kalkaska Counties of stealing and illegally distributing adult movies on file sharing networks.

The owner of Strike 3 Holdings has filed several lawsuits throughout Michigan against computer users and listed the IP addresses of those users.

“Defendant is, in a word, stealing these works on a grand scale,” reads the criminal complaints filed by Strike 3 Holdings LLC.

In describing the videos allegedly stolen and illegally distributed, Strike 3 describes how the industry is negatively affected by theft of copyright infringement.

“One of Strike 3’s owners, two-time director of the year Greg Lansky, has been dubbed the adult film industry’s ‘answer to Steven Spielberg,’” reads the complaint.

“Strike 3’s motion pictures have had positive global impact, leading more adult studios to invest in better content, higher pay performers, and to treat each performer with respect and like an artist,” the document reads.

The plaintiff in the complaint also accuses the computer users of trying to hide their identities while allegedly stealing and distributing the adult movies.

However, the company said it was able to use “geolocation technology” to find the IP addresses of the defendants.

“Defendant’s Internet Service Provider can identify Defendant through his or her IP address,” reads the complaint in part.

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