Accused Kalamazoo shooter claims Uber app controlled his mind

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Newschannel 3 is learning new informationa bout accused killer Jason Dalton.

The new information sheds light on Dalton's state of mind, especially the information coming from Dalton's interview with police.

Dalton makes a few comments that seem to contradict what happened, claiming he never aimed the gun, and also saying that he doesn't remember telling anybody to watch the news hours before the attacks.

But he says he does remember one thing--the ride sharing app, Uber.

After police say he shot 8 people, killing six, Dalton calmly took questions from police.

According to paperwork obtained by Newschannel 3, officers say that Dalton "told us that he is not a killer and he knows that he has killed."

The investigators then say Dalton quickly shifted his attention to Uber--for which he worked, and Uber's ride sharing smart phone app.

"It has the ability to take you over," he said. "It feels like it is coming from the phone itself."

Investigators then say Dalton has trouble remembering exactly what happened or when, saying that he heard voices, and once again, told police that Uber "started to make him like a puppet."

Police say Dalton called his actions absolutely horrifying, again, nonsensically, referring to the Uber app.

"When he had his hands out of the window, that if he didn't log back on, that it was to get Dalton to move and get into a shootout with the police," officers revealed in a report detailing their interview with Dalton.

Some of Dalton's answers were hard to follow, but he kept telling police that whenever the Uber app switched from red to black, that he started having problems.

Dalton also occasionally claims to not remember shooting his victims.

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