About 200 attend medical marijuana licensing session in Kalamazoo

About 200 attend medical marijuana licensing session in Kalamazoo. (WWMT Jason Heeres)

About 200 people attended a workshop today at the Wings Conference Center to learn more about the upcoming state regulations on medical marijuana.

Kalamazoo is one of five stops for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to host the educational sessions. Department representatives said the state will now offer five different licenses for anyone interested in this industry.

People who hold a local license to distribute or obtain medical marijuana will soon be able to apply for a license. And the expanded services will allow licenses for growers, processors and secure transporters, and for anyone staffing a provision center or safety compliance center.

All applicants must pass a background check, present a business plan and explain any disclosures before a new license is approved.

In today's meeting, the department also explained the new state monitoring system.

A representative said officials will be monitoring the seed all the way to the sale of medical marijuana for the safety of patients.

“That's important for the safety of the patients because if there's ever a recall or ever an instance where something is wrong with a batch of a product we'll be able to track that through the system determine where the problem was and be able to do recalls and those types of things just like you would any other industry,” said David Harns, the public information officer for the licensing department.

Starting on Dec. 5 people will be able to apply for a state license only if they have a local license.

Right now the city of Kalamazoo is waiting for licensing and regulatory affairs to finalizing its licensing program before allowing local licenses to become available.

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