A local 'Snow Angel' paying it forward to employees of Ascension Borgess Hospital

    John Smith cleared off Ascension-Borgess Hospital employees cars in order to pay it forward. He hopes more people will do the same thing. (WWMT/Randi Burns)

    Imagine working all day as snow continues to fall with the thought that your car will be completely covered at the end of your shift. But, when you finally enter the winter tundra to begin the long trek home, you discover your vehicle was completely cleared off. That is what employees at Ascension Borgess Hospital found at the end of their day Monday, Jan. 28, 2019.

    John Smith was driving by the hospital on Gull Road when he noticed the snow-covered cars in the employee lot. That is when he felt compelled to stop and brighten up the employees day.

    Smith's friend went in to Ascension Borgess Hospital for what they thought was a routine heart procedure, but she ended up needing a quadruple bypass.

    The staff was so helpful and great during this procedure that as Smith thought of how he could thank them, he figured clearing off their cars while they worked was the perfect thing to do.

    He hoped others will take the time to do more acts of kindness for others around them.

    "You know, since I've been out here I have been thinking about that," Smith said. "How many people do we come across in the course of the day that, you know, do their jobs and we just take them for granted. You know, mail carriers, police officers, bus drivers. How often do they get that? I got lucky. I got a snowstorm."

    Smith said his friend is recovering and doing well after undergoing the procedure.

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