700 Letters sent to wrong patients at Borgess Rheumatology

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    KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Borgess Rheumatology is reaching out to hundreds of patients who may have been contacted by mistake.

    According to a statement Newschannel 3 received Friday morning approximately 700 patient letters were mailed to the wrong patients back on December 9, 2015.

    Borgess spokesman Lew Tysman says no information, such as social security numbers, were compromised.

    The letters did however have names of patients and the fact they seek treatment at Borgess Rheumatology.

    According to the statement Borgess learned of the breach on December10th and immediately attempted to contact every impacted patient.

    "Borgess takes patient confidentiality very seriously and we deeply regret that this has occurred," said Susan McDonald, Borgess Corporate Responsibility Officer & HIPAA Privacy Officer. "We are doing everything we can to notify patients who were impacted by this mistake."

    The statement concludes stating: Borgess has taken aggressive steps to keep this from happening in the future, including reviewing policies and procedures and re-educating and training staff on necessary safeguards.

    All Borgess associates are required to take Corporate Responsibility and Privacy training annually as a requirement of their job.

    Borgess Rheumatology patients who have any questions are asked to please contact Susan McDonald, Corporate Responsibility Officer & HIPAA Privacy Officer, at (269) 226.7113 or SusanMcDonald@borgess.com.

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