6 pets die in Oshtemo apartment fire

6 pets die in Oshtemo apartment fire. (WWMT / Zach Lawler)

An Oshtemo woman lost six pets during a fire at her apartment on Tuesday.

Ostemo firefighters were called to the Whitegate Apartments on 11th Street just after 7 p.m. and crews say heavy smoke was visible when they arrived, but the fire itself was fairly small.

Oshtemo Fire Chief Mark Barnes says they're lucky to have gotten there when they did, because things could've gotten out of control fast.

Barnes said, “What this fire was lacking was oxygen, or air, so it was kind of choking itself out. If that front window had broken, it probably would've been seconds later that the whole apartment would've lit up."

Firefighters say three dogs, two cats, and a bird died inside the apartment from smoke inhalation.

There is minor damage to the apartments next door, but the woman won’t be able to stay in the apartment until it is repaired.

No one was home at the time and firefighters are still trying to determine a cause.

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