3 charges of animal cruelty issued against Kalamazoo area man

3 charges of animal cruelty issued against Kalamazoo area man.

The SPCA of Southwest Michigan said JoJo, who police say suffered multiple injuries at the hands of his owner, is making big strides in his recovery and the case against his owner is progressing, as well.

A puppy abused and left to die in a field has been treated and rehabilitated and now the owner of the puppy will soon be facing three counts of animal cruelty after he is accused of breaking its leg because it relieved itself in the house.

Katie timber with the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, says that two weeks ago a 9-month-old puppy shook from pain and fear after his leg was so badly injured it had to be amputated.

Timber said, “When he came in he was whimpering, when you set him down he was clearly in pain so when we removed the leg they sutured him up but the sutures rejected it so we had to go back in and correct it again."

A broken leg, ribs and trauma are just a few of the shocking injuries Richland Police say JoJo the puppy sustained at the hands of his owner Nathan Hulet.

Timber said, "when I picked him up he was unable to use the leg that we had to remove and we brought him right in to our vet team and they removed the leg and he has been rehabilitating ever since."

A police report reveals 19-year-old Hulet initially denied hurting the hound-mix, but after some questioning, finally came clean and said he came home from the bank at got so upset the dog had urinated inside that he picked JoJo up over his head and slammed the puppy on the floor.

Timber said, “It's a really emotional issue, to take an animal that doesn't have a voice and throw it to the ground to the point where it snaps its leg, what a gruesome thing to do."

Neighbors in Richland claim they saw Hulet drop the wounded puppy in a field near M-89 where he was later found.

Timber said, “He had to have two surgeries, the leg actually opened up again, so he has been through a couple of corrective surgeries"

Timber says JoJo is now ready for adoption and hopes he will find a safe and loving forever home.

She said, "JoJo is very resilient, he is loving, he is playful, he is gentle."

Three animal cruelty charges are now authorized against Hulet.

The SPCA of Southwest Michigan said it is accepting applications to adopt JoJo.

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