Trump set to return to Michigan for event on Friday

Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally near Lansing later this week.

LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is returning to Michigan, amid a staffing shake-up in the Trump campaign.

The latest polls show democrat Hillary Clinton ahead 10 points in Michigan.

But new members of the Trump campaign say they'll highlight their candidate's strengths as a crowd pleaser, and plan to release a new TV ad this week.

Experts say Clinton has been playing it safe, as vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine campaigns.

But Kaine is answering questions about comments he made, saying President Bill Clinton should have stepped down during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

"20 years ago I was disappointed like a lot of folks were but I tell ya, there is no reason to re-litigate problems of 20 years ago when Americans want to talk about is what do we do today," Kaine said on the trail this week.

Trump will be at the Fieldhouse of The Summit Sports and Ice Complex on Friday, in Dimondale, near Lansing.

The doors open at 12:30, and the GOP nominee is expected to take the stage around 5:00.

We will be streaming his speech live at, and will have full coverage on Newschannel 3 at 5 and 6.

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