Wanted man reported fake school threat to distract law enforcement

32-year-old Justin Allen Bashore is accused of reporting a fake threat of a gunman inside a West Michigan High school.

A fake threat of a gunman inside a West Michigan high school originated from a 32-year-old man who was trying to distract law enforcement, according to Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey.

Justin Bashore is suspected to have called 911 on Wednesday and claimed to have witnessed a man emerging from a bathroom inside Eau Claire High School with a rifle.

The 911 call obtained by the I-Team revealed Bashore quickly hung up after making the claim, which prompted an all hands-on-deck response from local, county, and state law enforcement.

Bailey said, in reality, Bashore had several warrants out for his arrest, and was about to be arrested before deciding to try and buy time to get away from law enforcement.

The tactic worked briefly, but Bashore was eventually arrested after the call was traced back to him, which added to the charges against him.

"It tied everybody up and it scared students," said Bailey. "With today's technology we're able to track down things so if people think they'll get away with it, we'll use whatever technology we have to hold you accountable."

Bashore is currently in jail facing charges of resisting and obstructing, making fake threats, among other charges.

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