Two Kalamazoo Public Schools security guards off the job amid licensing issue

Kalamazoo Public Schools statement on security officers taken off the job because of licensing requirements. (WWMT)

Two security guards for Kalamazoo Public Schools are off the job after district officials discovered that their company's state license is not valid.

District officials told Newschannel3 that most security officers are school employees but the district does contract with WLP Security for two security guards.

A search of state records shows that WLP Security’s state-mandated license expired in June 2017.

The two guards primarily work with KPS’ alternative high school programs. District officials said the suspension is a paperwork issue and not a performance issue. The guards were not involved in a recent incident at Kalamazoo Central High School where a student was zapped by a stun gun.

Alex Lee, spokesman for the district, released the following statement to Newschannel 3: "We received information yesterday that WLP Security had a suspension of their state license. The vast majority of our security people are KPS employees, but two were contracted through WLP Security. Those two personnel are off the job until the licensing issue is resolved."

The Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s department said they received information about the license issue recently. Their investigation has been turned over to Michigan State Police. Newschannel 3 has also reached out to Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Agency for comment.

WLP Security provided the following statement to Newschannel 3:

Our company, WLP Security is experiencing what can best be described as a 'growing pain'. We had an administrative 'oversight' which ultimately caused our license to 'lapse.' We have been in good standing, fully accredited, insured and licensed until this past June 30th. We submitted our renewal application as usual, but neglected to include some other information that was also required. Ultimately, we just didn't have good checks and balances in place to catch this error. We are still a new company and will learn from this lesson. We in the process of contacting the businesses that we work with to make them aware of our efforts to correct this oversight. We had two guards in the Kalamazoo Public Schools that are no longer working there because of strict adherence to KPS rules and regulations. We have willingly complied with those rules. We understand KPS' actions and have kept them informed of our progress to renew/reinstate our license. We would like to make it clear that this was an administrative issue and does not reflect the exemplary service of our security guards or executive protection teams. We expect to be back in good standing by January 19th. We will continue to provide outstanding service to our clients, continue our involvement in the community and provide as many jobs as we can as we grow.

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