Privacy violated? Exposing spy cameras

    More than ever, cameras are watching our every move. So what does that mean for privacy? (WWMT/MGN Online)

    More than ever, cameras are watching your every move.

    The Newschannel 3 I-Team is uncovering never-before-seen court documents revealing how those cameras, in some cases, are violating your privacy.

    In this special investigation, the I-Team learns that possibly even in your own home, you might be recorded and be completely unaware.

    “I can tell you many of these cases, it’s an eavesdropping situation with a hidden camera stemming from a domestic relationship,” Michigan State Police Detective Lt. Chuck Christensen said.

    On Monday at 11, the I-Team will show you why unlawful surveillance and eavesdropping is becoming so prevalent, and you’ll see who is most vulnerable, and how you can best protect yourself in this special investigation.

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