Pool installer arrested after shoddy construction, leaving messes behind

Kevin Boguth faces charges of installing pools without a license in multiple counties.

A man who customers say left them with thousands of dollars in backyard damages after unsuccessfully installing swimming pools was arrested Wednesday.

Kevin Boguth, the owner of Liquid Landscapes, was taken into custody by Michigan State Police on the 4th of July and later booked at the Hillsdale County Jail -- officially charged with being an unlicensed home builder.

Someone posted Boguth’s $5,000 bond and he is no longer in jail at this time, but he does face similar charges in Calhoun County.

Residents in Calhoun County have accused Boguth of failing to properly install pools and leaving backyards in ruin.

The I-Team first confronted Boguth back in June after noticing his name did not appear among other licensed contractors in Michigan regulatory databases.

Boguth declined to comment for that story, although he did pay back at least one person shortly after being confronted by the I-Team.

Prior to starting Liquid Landscapes, Boguth served jail time for financial fraud.

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