New complaints uncovered against doctor accused of working out of pole barn


SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - New complaints are now being uncovered against a doctor already accused of doing liposuction and plastic surgeries in a local pole barn.

Doctor Bradley Bastow already has had his license suspended and is facing multiple lawsuits.

The Newschannel 3 I-Team is now the first to uncover the state's actual investigation into Bastow.

By now, the news about botched and unsanitary conditions of Bastow's procedures are well documented--but this investigative report shows complaints involving mislabeled medications and the method of payment preferred by Bastow.

Cash only. No checks. IRS please. That's the letter sent to state regulators by a former patient of Bradley Bastow--implying that Bastow was trying to get out of paying taxes.

That same patient says Bastow let a little dog run around during plastic surgeries.

All that and more is in the state inspection report first obtained by the Newschannel 3 I-Team.

This patient was "surprised no one has died thus far because of his negligence."

But as Newschannel 3 reported back in May, Bastow was the subject of a lawsuit accusing him of making a lot of bad decisions, and giving a patient deadly amount of lidocaine.

The state inspection report goes on to say that Bastow kept expired drugs all over the place, mislabeling them, and sometimes not labeling them at all.

And then this: more than 3,000 pills that were supposed to be at Bastow's office, painkillers and appetite suppressants, were all missing.

State inspectors documented surgery tools left out in unsanitary conditions, and took photos of fluid and fat from a liposuction, improperly placed in an office sink.

Friday, the now infamous pole-barn of Bastow's used as an operating room appears abandoned, with tables and medical equipment piled high, with just a cat roaming around outside.

Our efforts to reach Bastow for comment are still just that--efforts.

Bastow had several medical licenses suspended a few months ago, but recently the Attorney General’s office announced it was declining to press charges.

Allegan County, however, still has the option to press charges. We're told the prosecutor is still waiting to receive the state's investigation.

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