I-Team obtains Christopher Lockhart’s confession, suicide note & handwritten map

Monday the West Michigan community will officially say goodbye to Schoolcraft teacher Theresa Lockhart.

Portage Police released the two notes Christopher Lockhart left behind when he took his own life.

The notes include a confession and directions to where police would find the body of his wife Theresa.

The note from Lockhart said:

I killed her the night of May 18th. I choked her to death and we were arguing and I snapped. I took her body to the Allegan Game Area the next day and buried her there. I am so sorry for this horrible act. I apologize to her mother, friends, family and the community for this senseless act. I live with it every moment of the day and I miss her so much. I didn't put her first, that was my biggest mistake.

The note also included a second confession:

“I also killed the cats. They were urinating everywhere and we were supposed to put them down but we argued about that, too. Again, I was drunk and angry and killed them. I'm sorry for all of this."

Lockhart signed his name with a date and time of October 23, 2017 at 11:15 a.m. Portage police discovered Christopher Lockhart’s body the next day, after he failed to show up for a probation check-in.

Police also found a handwritten map which shows that Theresa’s body would be found off 122nd Avenue in Allegan County.

The map has a note directed to Detective Hess which says:

"I’m sorry for taking her away from everyone. Find her and put her to rest. I had no right to do what I did. I pray that god forgives me. I love her so much."

Theresa was last seen alive on May 18. Police said Lockhart turned off his cell phone, and they could not trace his whereabouts.

Lockhart was arrested four times in the first 11 weeks after his wife's disappearance on unrelated charges.

Lockhart hanged himself in the basement of his Portage home in October, leaving behind the note and map of Theresa's whereabouts.

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