I-Team: High-speed pursuit ends with the help of a familiar face to MSP trooper


COLDWATER, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The Newschannel 3 I-Team is obtaining never-before-seen video of a recent high speed pursuit that ended in Coldwater.

The suspect, Larry Foster, has been in the Branch County Jail since the pursuit in September.

Newschannel 3 investigative reporter Cody Combs looked through the video of the chase, and spoke with the trooper who says an unlikely turn of events and an unlikely reunion ultimately helped him end the chase.

The chase ended in Coldwater, back in August, without anybody getting hurt--but it’s what happened shortly after the chase that had the trooper involved so surprised.

MSP Trooper Britt Owen says he first saw the suspect on a side road.

Owen noticed Foster going way too fast, and he wasn't pulling over; he eventually tried to get away along I-69.

The chase was on, and Owen caught up around Coldwater. But with so many cars around, the potential for danger soared.

“Yes, it's kind of worst case scenario for a pursuing officer,” Owen said.

And then, Owen's fear came true, with Foster hitting another car.

Nobody was hurt, but Foster started to run. Owen says he followed him to Tractor Supply, where Foster tried to get into someone's car.

That someone then took matters into his own hands.

“I could read in his face what he was thinking, should I help this cop and try to apprehend this guy, or not? So I yelled at the guy, get him. And he grabbed onto him and they kind of struggled,” Owen said.

With the man's help, Owen stopped Fisher from running away, but suddenly Owen says, the man who helped realized he had seen the trooper before.

“He's laughing and he says, ‘it would have to be you, huh Officer Owen?’” Owen said.

It turns out, the man who helped Trooper Owen this time around was actually arrested by Owen a few years back, on drug-related charges.

“He said yes I am, I cleaned up, I don't do dope anymore, I'm working two jobs,” Owen said.

For Owen, it was a calm and rewarding moment, at the end of an intense pursuit, where things came full circle--meeting a man he once arrested who is back on the right track.

“The guy is cleaned up and straight, just a hard working American citizen,” Owen said.

As for the suspect in the chase, Foster recently pleaded no contest to fleeing and obstructing, among other charges. He's slated to be sentenced in November. We did reach out to the man who helped Trooper Owen stop Foster, but he politely declined our requests for an interview.

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