Fired officer violated professional standards in previous police job

Fired officer violated professional standards in previous police job.

An internal investigation report reveals a fired Mattawan police officer resigned after she had violated professional standards at a previous police department.

As fired Mattawan police officer Chelsey Omilian heads to trial on a misdemeanor charge, the I-Team obtained the results of an internal investigation through a Freedom of Information request that shows Omilian was involved in two domestic incidents in five months while employed by the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.

The first incident took place in February 2017 with Omilian’s then fiancé in Portage.

The second incident took place five months later in Yankee Springs after the report says Omilian caught her live-in boyfriend, who is also a KDPS officer, in bed with another woman. Omilian then threw water on the officer and hit the other woman with a dish towel.

The report says Omilian began arguing with the boyfriend, who was naked, and recorded the argument. Omilian then sent that video of the naked KDPS officer to his ex-wife, family members and several other officers at KDPS.

The Barry County Sheriff’s Department investigated, but declined to charge with Omilian with assault.

KDPS conducted its own internal investigation and ordered Omilian to not discuss the investigation with her co-workers. The internal investigation found Omilian defied the direct order and possibly violated state law for sending the video without permission.

Omilian later resigned from KDPS and was hired in Mattawan. It’s unclear if Mattawan Police Chief Scott Herbert ever called KDPS to do a background check on Omilian.

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