Fear of Infection: Could chronic wasting disease make its way to humans?

Recent studies have sparked some worries about the possibility that a brain disease found in deer and elk, could eventually be transmitted to humans. (WWMT)

It’s 100 percent fatal and there’s no known cure. It’s called chronic wasting disease, more commonly known as CWD.

Found in deer and elk, CWD is contagious, and known to cause brain degeneration and eventually death.

The I-Team is learning that based on recent study results, there is a new concern CWD could possibly make its way to humans.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials are keeping a close eye on the research, particularly a recent study showing that macaque monkeys became infected with CWD after being fed infected deer meat. Macaque monkeys are genetically closer to humans compared with other animals.

“There’s enough concern to give pause,” said Chad Stewart, a deer management specialist with the Michigan DNR.

On Monday, the Newchannel 3 I-Team will take you inside the world of chronic wasting disease, revealing never-before-seen CWD testing facilities in Michigan, and speaking with those tasked with trying to contain the disease. The I-Team also speaks with researchers about the study that has prompted the concern, regarding whether or not CWD could make its way to humans.

For that inside look, watch Newschannel 3 on Monday, and return to

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