Expletives, borderline threats heard in latest police reports from Lockhart arrest


PORTAGE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A lot of expletives and a few borderline threats--that's what the I-Team is finding as it obtains the latest police reports from the July arrest of Chris Lockhart.

Lockhart is a person of interest in his wife, Theresa Lockhart's disappearance and possible murder.

In July, Lockhart was arrested by police for vandalizing his neighbor's home.

Investigative reporter Cody Combs is first to bring you what Lockhart is accused of saying to his neighbors that night.

A lot of the words from Lockhart's rant cannot be shown on TV; but first, we'll remind you that Lockhart was seen on his neighbor's surveillance video in July, cutting the wires to their home after he was named a person of interest in his wife's disappearance.

Now, because of this police report we just obtained from Portage Police, we know more of what Lockhart said.

"See how much you're laughing like in the next couple of (expletive) days," he said at one point.

Later in the transcript, he says: "go out there and maybe you'll (expletive) die."

There's also this quote: "wake up your life doesn't mean (expletive), (expletive)."

Finally, he concludes his rant with: "think of your (expletive) family, that's right, (expletive), goodnight. I hate you."

Keep in mind, those neighbors had previously recorded various rants of Lockhart yelling at his wife, months before she disappeared.

Lockhart recently pleaded guilty to interfering with an electronic communications and tampering with an electronic device. He is scheduled to be sentenced in December, but is not expected to face jail time.

Lockhart's wife has not been seen in four months.

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