10 weeks since Theresa Lockhart vanished; husband on GPS and alcohol tether

10 weeks since Theresa Lockhart vanished; husband on GPS and alcohol tether

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - In the 10 weeks since Theresa Lockhart vanished, her husband has been arrested three times on unrelated charges. Police say Christopher Lockhart has been uncooperative while neighbors say he’s been menacing.

Theresa Lockhart was last seen on May 18th leaving a Zumba class at the Family Fitness Center in Portage. Two days later, the Schoolcraft superintendent reports her missing after she didn’t show up for work. Police then contacted Christopher but much like his time in court, he doesn't have much to say.

“No your onor, not without my attorney present,” Lockhart said at his latest hearing when asked if he wanted to speak on his bond conditions.

Police have searched the Lockhart home twice but say no trace of Theresa has been found. Meantime, Christopher Lockhart has been arrested three times since his wife disappeared 10 weeks ago.

Police say the first arrest came after Lockhart was caught on tape cutting the wires to his neighbor’s air conditioning and cable.

Lockhart was then released on bond, ordered to not have contact with his neighbors and to abstain from alcohol.

But just a week later, Lockhart was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. He was released with an alcohol tether but weeks later, he was arrested yet again for violating his bond.

“It’s alleged that on or about July 21st approximately 9:45 that you failed to test on Soberlink unit on July 20 and July 21,” said a judge during Lockhart’s latest hearing.

This time around the judge set a higher bond saying Lockhart could flee.

“The court finds there's a high probability of noncompliance or flight so bond is set at $50,000."

When Lockhart is released from the Kalamazoo County Jail he will have both a GPS and alcohol tether.

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