SPECIAL REPORT: Police agencies work new strategies against heroin epidemic


As the heroin epidemic continues to grow across the country, local police departments are trying new strategies to snuff out the drug, while also trying to get addicts help. On Monday, Sept. 25, the Newschannel3 I-Team will air a special report detailing the struggle for local police departments.

Newschannel3 Investigative reporter Walter Smith-Randolph spoke with Sgt. Jeff Case with the Battle Creek Police Department to understand the toll heroin is having on the community.

“It’s been a struggle,” said Case who has been in law enforcement for 19 years. “Between Narcan training, the carrying of Narcan, the documentation of all of the overdoses, it’s a strain on drug units. It is a struggle. It's part of monthly business.”

The monthly numbers for heroin overdoses in Calhoun County paint a grim picture. Calhoun County has already surpassed last year’s number of heroin overdoses. In 2016, Calhoun County saw 152 heroin related overdoses. As of September 2017, Calhoun County has seen 204 heroin overdoses and 31 heroin overdoses resulting in death.

The I-Team saw the heroin problem first hand as they rode along with officers recently: after being stopped for impeding traffic, a Battle Creek woman admitted to shooting up heroin earlier in the day. When asked if she would like to be transported to a local rehab facility, she declined and said she was looking for more heroin.

You can check out the video above for this special report.

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