Debunking flu myths


This flu season has been one of the most active years for the virus in recent history. Multiple schools have been forced to close due to illness and it seems everywhere you go people are talking about coming down with the flu. Here are a few common myths about the flu that some mistake as fact.

Myth 1: You can stop the flu by constantly washing your hands.

Truth: Actually that isn't all true, sure you can limit the chances of catching the virus, but the flu spreads by drops of saliva that float through the air.

Myth 2: Antibiotics can fight the flu.

Truth: Antibiotics won't work on viruses. Some antivirals like "Tamiflu" may help cut the symptoms down to 1-2 days. The best course of action is to stay home, get some rest, stay hydrated and wait it out.

Myth 3: The flu vaccine can give you the flu.

Truth: No, the flu vaccine is inactive and cannot cause an infection.

Myth 4: The flu includes gastrointestinal symptoms

Truth: Flu symptoms can be miserable, but digestive distress is rarely a symptom. What is commonly referred to as the "stomach flu" actually refers to a group of viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea, but they're not influenza. Though the flu could lead to stomach issues, if it is joined by other common flu symptoms it is probably a different germ.

Myth 5: Sweat it out

Truth: Dehydration will make you feel worse, drink plenty of fluids

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