Light Pillars: Cold, calm air and ice created a light show in the region Tuesday night

Newschannel 3 photographer Raymond Hole captured a light show over the Kalamazoo skies Tuesday night. Called ice pillars, the columns of light are created by the reflection of light on tiny ice crystals suspended in the sky. (WWMT/Raymond Hole)

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It was a spectacle in the skies Tuesday night as light pillars form across West Michigan!

Many viewers sent us their photos from Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and beyond.

Light pillars form in the cold when light reflects off ice crystals in the air.

You will be able to see them Wednesday night, as well.

If you spot one, don't forget to send us your photos! You can check out your neighbor's photos below, and click on "add your media here" if you'd like to send us your own!

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