SPECIAL REPORT: Buried and safe? Or danger unearthed?

Danger Unearthed: 40 years ago, thousands of farm animals were shot and buried because they had eaten poisoned feed. Today, we look at the lasting effects of the poisoning and its solutions.

More than 40 years after thousands of poisoned farm animals were killed and buried in West Michigan, 60 percent of the state's residents still test positive for having higher-than-usual PBB levels.

The question state health officials have been studying since, is whether that exposure is behind increased risks for cancer and lymphoma. And what about that mass grave, still cordoned off by fencing and artificial berms, and accessible only by dirt roads.

Newschannel 3's Cody Combs took at look at the disaster, its solution and the investigation of its lasting effects.

Tune in to Newschannel 3 at 11 p.m. Tuesday to see the special report, and return to

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