Profitt Report: Smart phone apps to download before your next road trip

A state map will help you during a road trip, but certain smart phone apps will really make your road trip more enjoyable. Photo credit: MGN

A family road trip is a summer tradition for many and no matter how far you’re traveling, your smart phone can help you save time and money. Once upon a time, we would rely on a state map to get us where we need to go and while keeping one on hand is a good idea, your smart phone can do a lot more.

We checked in with Jill Ciminillo, editor of Auto Matters, for some advice on her favorite road trip smart phone apps.


Waze is a free crowd-sourcing map. It succeeds when users report traffic incidents along the way such as traffic jams, objects in the road, heavy traffic or anything that might hinder your drive.

“You should not be messing with your phone while you’re driving but it is absolutely perfect for a passenger who is in the jump seat,” Ciminillo said.


She loves iExit and Oh, Ranger! for navigating pit stops along the way. iExit will show you restaurants, both national chains and local eats and Oh, Ranger! will show you national, state and local parks along your route.

“If you're packing maybe some snacks along the way, you can stop at a picnic area. They'll even tell you, if you’re traveling with kids, whether or not they have a playground so it's just really helpful app,” Ciminillo said.


Last, she calls this one her “all-in-one” tool, it’s called Where To Go? She likes to use it as her plan B: say your plans are ruined, this app can help you find nearby museums, theatres and activities in a pinch.

“The other thing I think this app is really good for, it lists hospitals, doctors emergency services you might not think of to find,” Ciminillo said.

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